Founded by Cigdem Kobu, the Story Arts Academy is a global online creativity and writing school that helps women create, connect and communicate with ease and impact. Whether you're writing for personal growth, social change or business success, our courses, workshops, resources, and supportive community will help you find your unique voice, develop a consistent practice, express yourself authentically, and bring your creative projects to a rewarding completion.
"Cigdem's guidance helped me wake up to the truth of myself. To bravely enter the creative abyss. To know that it is safe to embrace my inner knowing. She has been the catalyst for me to step onto my true purpose."
KADENA TATE, Speaker & Business Consultant,
“Writing. Stamina. I love this experience. Our writing is becoming a string of stories that paint a much larger picture. The words are flowing and they just won’t stop. Maybe I ‘will ’write that book some day.”
SUE ANN GLEASON, Writer & Nourishment Guide,
"I’m in the strategist’s chair everyday in my own business, and what I really needed was someone who could give me what I give to my clients: wise, supportive strategy. Working with Cigdem has been one of the smartest investments I’ve made this year.”
JAC McNEIL, Co-active Coach & Entrepreneur,
"I would have never been able to do on my own all the deep digging that Cigdem guided me through. My business is now booming in all directions. Great new clients, speaking gigs, teaching, art. I also get a lot of good feedback about my website. I am so happy!”
CYNTHIA MORRIS, Author, Artist & Creativity Coach,

For most of us, writing is hard. But it gets easier when you have the right support & the right community.

"I am not a writer, I don’t consider myself one. Not to mention that walls of text make me dizzy. But Cigdem’s writing intensives completely changed my relationship with writing. I am confident about my voice now. I am not afraid of writing anymore. I even enjoy it!"
MONICKA CLIO SAKKI, Artist & Creativity Mentor,
“I am seriously impressed by the depth and quality of this amazing class. A strong introvert, I felt validated and understood. It gave me so much hope that I could create a sustainable business and a life that would honor who I am as an introvert.”

KRISTA O’REILLY DAVI-DIGU, Holistic Nutritional Consultant,
"Cigdem’s writing groups provide a huge opening to explore and navigate my own thoughts and then create from them."
DAWN SULLY PILE, Writer & Coach, Seminal Leader,
"This class is a great way of gathering content for a memoir. What a wonderful experience and a fantastic collection of writers and writing!”
JACKEE HOLDER, Executive & Leadership Coach,

Your writing matters. Enroll for a Story Arts experience today & start changing your world with your words.


The Story Sisterhood offers a supportive writing community and stimulating online writing salon where women creators of all backgrounds, genres and experience levels meet each week to write, read and connect.

WINTER JOY RETREAT 2018: "THREADS" (December 3-16, 2018)

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A 6-week self-paced writing class for turning your unforgettable memories into evocative mini memoirs that inspire your readers.

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Stop the Launch Craze and Let Your Words and Stories Boost Your Business (and Your Income) All Year Round

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