A Year With Myself by Cigdem Kobu

A Year With Myself

A yearlong, self-paced journaling program for empowering your creative journey—co-created by 52 master writers, coaches, artists, and thought leaders.

This program will be available again on Oct. 31, 2019.

A Year With Myself provides a strong structure, a container for personal inquiry at a deep soul level. Writing and journaling using this unique program has revealed another layer of the path of becoming whole. I have a new understanding of facets of my personality and soul. This has allowed me to align the inside and outside, the introvert and extrovert, the personal and public, in a whole new way.  I recommend this to anyone on a path of integration.”
— KATHLEEN O’BRIEN, Artist & Designer, kathleen-obrien.com
“Women often go through life just ‘faking’ it or trying to get through a day to get to the other side never really knowing who we are, let alone why we are here or what we are to learn. My life has never been more meaningful than when I took Cigdem's A Year With Myself program. It gave me the ‘permission’ to go inside without feeling selfish or narcissistic.”
— NANCY DADAMI, Feng Shui Practitioner, Coach & Speaker, nancydadami.com

What's included?

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About This Course & How It Works
Your Facilitator & Guest Instructors
Your Curriculum & Timeline
MODULE 1: The Art of Beginning (1 WEEK)
A Quick Introduction to Module 1
WEEK 1 (Part 1): "Liminal Spaces" (PATTI DIGH)
WEEK 1 (Part 2): "Begin Where You Are" (JENNIFER LOUDEN)
MODULE 2: The Art of Self-Discovery (9 WEEKS)
A Quick Introduction to Module 2
WEEK 2: "Connect with Your Roots" (LEONIE DAWSON)
WEEK 3: "Rewrite Your Beautiful Story" (SARA BLACKTHORNE)
WEEK 4: "Leverage Your Personality" (LAURIE FOLEY)
WEEK 5: "Align Yourself with Your Values" (SANDI AMORIM)
WEEK 6: "Activate Your Superpowers" (TANYA GEISLER)
WEEK 7: "Recognize Your Uniqueness" (KAREN CATERSON)
WEEK 8: "Discover Your Passion" (VICTORIA BROUHARD)
WEEK 9: "Cultivate Self-Awareness" (JULIE DALEY)
WEEK 10: "Get Good at Self-Love" (RONNA DETRICK)
MODULE 3: The Art of Creativity (8 WEEKS)
A Quick Introduction to Module 3
WEEK 11: "Invoke Your Creative Muse" (CHRIS ZYDEL)
WEEK 12: "Capture Your Best Ideas" (DYANA VALENTINE)
WEEK 13: "Express Your Creative Self" (JENNY BONES)
WEEK 14: "Invite More Adventure" (SUE MITCHELL)
WEEK 15: "Maximize Your Creativity" (ALEXIA PETRAKOS)
WEEK 16: "Stop Procrastinating" (TIA SPARKLES)
WEEK 17: "Get Unstuck" (LISA WILDER)
WEEK 18: "Learn to Play Again" (ANDREA SCHROEDER)
MODULE 4: The Art of Healing (10 WEEKS)
A Quick Introduction to Module 4
WEEK 19: "Practice Mindfulness" (SUSANNAH CONWAY)
WEEK 20: "Embrace Simplicity" (MICHELLE RUSSELL)
WEEK 21: "Raise Your Energy" (BRIDGET PILLOUD)
WEEK 22: "Reduce Bad Stress" (AMY PALKO)
WEEK 23: "Navigate Difficult Emotions" (ALANA SHEEREN)
WEEK 24: "Get Good at Letting Go" (ALYCIA NEIGHBORS)
WEEK 25: "Forgive and Heal" (LISA MILES BRADY)
WEEK 26: "Rewrite Your Money Story" (SHEROLD BARR)
WEEK 27: "Make Self-Care a Habit" (LIANNE RAYMOND)
WEEK 28: "Transform from the Inside Out" (MEG WORDEN)
MODULE 5: The Art of Action (10 WEEKS)
A Quick Introduction to Module 5
WEEK 29: "Redefine Your Big Vision" (ABBY KERR)
WEEK 30: "Connect with Your Purpose" (MEGAN POTTER)
WEEK 31: "Cultivate Courage" (ANGELA MARIE MAXWELL)
WEEK 32: "Master the Art of Time" (JENNIFER GRESHAM)
WEEK 33: "Practice Mindful Productivity" (LISA BALDWIN)
WEEK 34: "Define Success for Yourself" (NATALIE SISSON)
WEEK 35: "Focus on What Matters" (MICHELLE NICKOLAISEN)
WEEK 36: "Get Good at Taking Action" (TARA ROBINSON)
WEEK 37: "Build Better Habits" (MOLLY GORDON)
WEEK 38: "Do Your Greatest Work" (LISA SONORA BEAM)
MODULE 6: The Art of Connection (6 WEEKS)
A Quick Introduction to Module 6
WEEK 39: "Nurture Your Relationships" (CHRISTA GALLOPOULOS)
WEEK 40: "Listen to Your Intuition" (JAC McNEIL)
WEEK 41: "Become More Confident" (AMY CLOVER)
WEEK 42: "Redefine Friendship" (ROSE MARGARET DENIZ)
WEEK 43: "Build Your Inner Circle" (HANNAH MARCOTTI)
WEEK 44: " Collaborate with Kindred Spirits" (MOLLY CANTRELL-CRAIG)
MODULE 7: The Art of Joy (8 WEEKS)
A Quick Introduction to Module 7
WEEK 45: "Cultivate Gratitude" (TERESA DEAK)
WEEK 46: "Cultivate Inner Peace" (TARA WAGNER)
WEEK 47: "Build Systems That Work" (DESIREE ADAWAY)
WEEK 48: "Navigate Change" (ANASTASIA ASHMAN)
WEEK 49: "Teach What Matters" (CIGDEM KOBU)
WEEK 50: "Kindle Your Inner Spark" (RANDI BUCKLEY)
WEEK 51: "Touch the World with Kindness" (KATE SWOBODA)
WEEK 52: "Recognize You Are One and Whole" (MARIANNE ELLIOTT)
About the Insight Interviews
“Creating Your Brand Vision” with Copywriter and Content Writer Abby Kerr
“Navigating Grief” 
with Grief Specialist and Intuitive Energy Worker Alana Sheeren
“Being a Creative Generalist” 
with Mixed-Media Artist and Creativity Guide Alexia Petrakos
“Time Management and Productivity” with Business Coach and Change Strategist Ali Davies
“Yoga and Creativity” with Yoga Instructor and Writer Amber Karnes
“Being a Hybrid Creative and Sustainable Creativity” with Writer Amna Ahmad
“Self-Confidence from the Inside Out” with Writer, Speaker and Fitness Coach Amy Clover
“Stress-Free Creativity” with Writer and Coach Amy Palko
“Finding and Building Your Niche” with Author, Startup Advisor and Venture Fund Manager Anastasia Ashman
“Doing a Multitude of Things” with Lawyer, Administrator and Consultant Andrea Olson
“The Benefits and Elements of Creative Play” with Artist and Creativity Coach Andrea Schroeder
“Moving and Creating in Spite of Fear” with Global Nomad and Writer Angela Marie Maxwell
“Creative Focus” with Artist, Author and SoulCollage® Facilitator Anne Marie Bennett
“Creativity and Adventure” with Lifestyle Entrepreneur Annie André
“Energy and Its Currencies” with Writer, Designer and Intuitive Counselor Bridget Pilloud
“Art of Connection” with Photographer, Writer and Coach Christa Gallopoulos
“Claiming Your Power to Create” with Artist, Therapist and Creativity Mentor Chris Zydel
“Being More with Less” with Writer, Artist and Consultant Courtney Carver
“Finding Creative Flow” 
with Author, Artist and Book Coach Cynthia Morris
“Creating Viable Systems for Life and Business” with Consultant, Trainer and Speaker Desiree Adaway
“Embracing Your Authentic Self” with Life Coach and Author Dian Reid Jancic
“Testing and Communicating Ideas” with Speaker and Leadership Consultant Dyana Valentine
“Leveraging Your Introversion” with Small Business Attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinstein
“Being Present, Alive, and Creative” with Business Awesomizer Fabeku Fatunmise
“Connecting with Your Community” with Writer and Coach Hannah Marcotti
“The Practice of Forgiveness” with Writer, Coach and Speaker Heather Plett
“Being Intuitive in Business” with Business Coach and Thought Partner Jac McNeil
“On Self-Love and Self-Acceptance with Coach, Writer, and NLP Practititioner Jackie Roberts
“Gentle Productivity” with Writer and Coach Jen Vertanen
“Finding Your Authentic Expression” with Writer and Copywriter Jenny Bones
“The Power of Awareness” 
with Writer, Photographer and Coach Julie Daley
“Writing, Healing and the Music of Words” with Poet Julie Jordan Scott
“Intuition in Business” with Business Coach and Marketing Consultant Kadena Tate
“Authenticity and Mindful Nonconformism” with Writer and Psychotherapist Karen Caterson
“Cultivating Courage” with Coach, Writer and Speaker Kate Swoboda
“Being an Introvert Entrepreneur” with Business Coach and Brand Consultant Laurie Foley
“Deep Rest, Deep Play and Self-Cherishment” with Coach and Educator Lianne Raymond
“Modern Productivity” with Writer and Traveler Lisa Baldwin
“Building Self-Confidence” with Author and Public Speaking Coach Lisa Braithwaite
“On Forgiveness” with Writer and Transformational Coach Lisa Miles Brady
“Doing Great Work” with Author, Artist and Creative Business Coach Lisa Sonora Beam
“Cultivating Gratitude” with Awareness Artist and Writer Lisa Renee Wilson
“Creativity and Spirituality” with Fine Art Photographer and Bodhisattva-in-Training Mahala Mazerov
“Empowerment and Transformation” with Somatic Psychotherapist and Coach Maira Holzmann
“Passion and Compassion” with Author, Human Rights Advocate and Teacher Marianne Elliott
“Food and Creativity” with Writer, Speaker and Nutrition Coach Meg Worden
“Being a Multipassionate Creative” with Artist, Performer and Coach Melissa Dinwiddie
“Getting in the Zone” with Spiritual Teacher and Healing Arts Practitioner Michelle Currie
“Focusing on What Matters” with Writer and Marketing Manager Michelle Nickolaisen
“Building Lasting Habits” with Artist, Writer and Consultant Molly Gordon
“Building Systems in Life and Business” with Web Designer and Consultant Naomi Niles
“Cultivating Connection” with Opera Singer and Voice Coach Natalie Christie Peluso
“The Real Meaning of Success” with Entrepreneur, Author and Business Consultant Natalie Sisson
“Transformation on the Creative Journey” with Transformation Coach and Guide Nona Jordan
“Rekindling Your Inner Spark” with Coach, Teacher and Writer Randi Buckley
“Falling in Love with Yourself” 
with Writer, Speaker and Spiritual Director Ronna Detrick
“Sisterhood in the Modern World” with Writer, Artist and Designer Rose Deniz
“Your Roots and Core Values” with Master Coach and Author Sandi Amorim
“Total Self-Care” with Writer, Coach and Herbalist Sarah Grace Powers
“Money, Wealth and Financial Freedom” with Business Coach and Entrepreneur Sherold Barr
“Navigating Change” with Author, Energy Teacher and Spiritual Midwife Staci Boden
“Rediscovering Your Inner Roots” with Kaizen-Muse Creativity and Memoir Coach Sue Mitchell
“The Art of Letting Go” with Author and Photographer Susannah Conway
“Living a Life of Possibility” with Writer, Lawyer and Entrepreneur Sibyl Chavis
“Motivation and Daily Habits” with Attorney, Writer, Artist, and Entrepreneur Tamara Holland
“Finding Your Strengths” with Speaker and Leadership Coach Tanya Geisler
“Building a Global Community” with Entrepreneur and Consultant Tara Agacayak
“Teaching As a Tool for Change” with Author, Coach and Teacher Tara Mohr
“Productivity for Creatives” with Artist and Writer Tara Rodden Robinson
“Dealing with Procrastination” with Life Coach and Creative Entrepreneur Tia Sparkles Singh
“Turning Bright Ideas into Action” with Author, Teacher and Consultant Tom Evans
“Expressing Your Truth” with Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Writer Tracey Selingo
“Finding Your Thing” with Life and Small Business Coach Victoria Brouhard